Safety Seat Belt Covers

We are very pleased to be selling these seat belt covers, which act as a safety barrier to help prevent children and disabled adults from unbuckling their seat belt.
If you are worried about your child unbuckling their seat belt whilst you are driving, then this seat belt buckle guard is the easiest way to protect your children and help keep them safe! It simply fits over the seat belt buckle which makes the red release button inaccessible to children.
Key Benefits:
Help keep children safe by deterring them from unbuckling their seat belt
Give drivers peace of mind that children will remain strapped in during car journeys
The seat belt guard is quick and simple to install - no tools are required.
Place the seat belt guard over the existing seat belt buckle, covering the red release button.
Fasten the seat belt as normal.

And it is easily removed by an adult
Disable the seat belt buckle guard by pulling either side away from the buckle until it is fully disengaged

Ideal for commercial users, taxis, etc..
Also great for those working with disabled adults or children.
All Seat Belt Covers are delivered with FREE postage,
Each package comes with two covers inside.
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